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Be a VITA Volunteer for Our Community

Our volunteers are a crucial and integral part of our program. As a Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) participant, you will learn to prepare income tax returns (Federal and State) free of charge for those in our community who meet the Internal Revenue Service’s VITA program criteria. 

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All our volunteer income preparers must certify annually at their desired/chosen level. Everyone of our volunteers are required to complete the Volunteer Standards of Conduct (Ethics) training and the Intake/Interview & Quality Review training and exam.

Volunteers can choose to become either an Advanced or Military level tax preparer. All our applicants must certify at the advanced level. The Basic exam is not required prior to taking the Advanced exam.

Why become a volunteer for our community?

Becoming a VITA volunteer tremendously impacts members of our community, such as seniors, non-English speakers, limited English speakers, Veterans, and low-income individuals.  Having someone that is certified to to prepare taxes at no cost is a great relief to our clients.

You can volunteer two days a week for three hours each evening or just one day. Alternatively, you can participate in our virtual VITA program where you prepare returns at home.


What is expected

As a first year volunteer, you will be assigned returns at the Basic Level for preparation. Second year and above individuals will prepare both Basic and Advance Level returns. those certified at the Advance Level are able to Quality Review all Basic and Advance Level Returns.

Only Military Level certified individuals will prepare Military Level returns. The Military certification is an optional specialty certification that becomes available after passing the Advanced certification.  Thus, Military certified individuals can prepare returns of Basic, Advanced, returns involving Rental Property and Military returns.


Easy steps to assist

Register for VITA

Start your journey with Desert Financial and Tax Services by filling the registration form. Our Volunteer Coordinator will contact you.

Start studying and pass the exams

Choose how you get your training materials: online or via hard copies. All volunteers must submit their certificates to the Volunteer Coordinator.

Prepare Taxes

Come to the Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Career Center on the first day of the start of your volunteer session. Get ready to have fun and meet new people.

Other opportunities

If you don't want to prepare taxes, you may volunteer as a greeter/screener, interpreter, or valet.



Caring for the happiness of others, we find our own

Make a difference peoples’ lives by becoming a VITA volunteer!

Please fill-out the form. We will contact you shortly.

2023 Resources

Video training

Tax education resources


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Link & Learn Taxes Linking Volunteers to Quality E-Learning

Link and Learn Certification Paths for E-Learning

linkLink & Learn Certification Tests, Getting-Started-Job-Aid.PDF

IRS Publication 5358 Filing Season 2024: VITA Training and Site Materials for SPEC Partners and Employees

IRS Publication 4012 – VITA Volunteer Resource Guide 

IRS Publication 4299, Privacy, Confidentiality, and Civil Rights

IRS Publication 4961 VITA – TCE Volunteer Standards of Conduct – Ethics Training

IRS Publication 4491 VITA Training Guide 

IRS Publication 5088 Site Coordinator Training

IRS Publication 5101 Intake – Interview and Quality Review Training 

IRS Publication 5353 Intake/Interview & Quality Review Policy

IRS Publication 5377 Practice Lab for VITA/TCE Partners and Volunteers

IRS Publication 5683, VITA/TCE Handbook for Partners and Site Coordinators 

IRS Publication 6744 – VITA Volunteer Assistor’s Test-Retest 


VTA 2024-02, Publication 4011 Update

VITA/TCE Volunteer Tax Alert

VITA/TCE Quality Site
Requirement Alert


VITA Site Coordinator Corner Web Site

FACT SHEET – For Partners and Employees, Quality Site Requirements for Alternative Filing Models

IRS Publication 3676, IRS Certified Volunteers Providing Free Tax Preparation (Site Poster)

IRS Publication 17, Tax Guide 2023 (not yet available)

IRS Publication 4942 – Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

IRS Publication 4299, Privacy, Confidentiality, and Civil Rights

IRS Publication 4836, VITA/TCE Free Tax Programs  (Site Poster)

IRS Publication 4053, Your Civil Rights are Protected (Site Poster)

IRS Publication 5455- VITA Reporting Data Breaches

IRS Publication 5088, Site Coordinator Refresher Training
IRS Publication 5166, IRS Volunteer Quality Site Requirements

IRS Publication 5324, Fact Sheet Quality Site Requirements for Alternative Filing Models.pdf

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