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Fourth Stimulus Check

What's the cost of a fourth stimulus check? Many are clamoring for a permanent $2000
Fourth Stimulus Check

What’s the cost of a fourth stimulus check? Many are clamoring for a permanent $2000 a month check from the federal government. However, the bottom line is that our country cannot afford it. By the end of 2021, our federal deficit will be $3 trillion dollars! What to see the debt in real time? Click here

The reality is that we cannot afford another stimulus check. We could not afford the last two checks. Right now, we have placed an incredible pressure on our future generations. It will several generations before the US gets out-of-debt, if ever. Stop and think about where the government gets its money. From each person who holds a job and pays taxes. Corporations pass on any increase in their taxes to us. The price of goods and services goes up, so that the bottom line is not affected too much. 

A rise in prices causes inflation. This means that your dollar is not going to buy you what it bought you yesterday. Look at the price of your gas, your groceries, etc. If your monthly expenses go up even if you get money from the government, you won’t be better off.

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